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Relationship Management

1 HR | $500

This program is designed to teach individuals how to manage their relationships strategically. Participants will learn S2P’s relationship management methodology and S2P’s sources of influence (acquaintance, ally, and advocate) and the roles and expectations of each. The capstone of the program is a personal relationship inventory and a relationship management plan.

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Carol Silva Moralez

Carol Silva Moralez serves as a Partner for SERVE2PERFORM. In her role, Carol leads our client relations practice. Maintaining strong relationships with our clients is key and we are so grateful to …
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Samantha Arroyos

Samantha Arroyos serves as a Partner with SERVE2PERFORM. Samantha has worked for SERVE2PERFORM since she was a young adult. Samantha has grown up in this firm and knows nothing more for her life than …
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David Collins

David Collins serves as a Partner with SERVE2PERFORM. He leads our Client Management Processes and also serves as a S2P Certified Coach. David has extensive experience in Business and Talent …
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