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Operations Coordinator

The Operations Coordinator plays a key role in ensuring consistency among all projects to deliver them the S2P way. The Director of Operations and this role are accountable for all project management and timely completion. This role requires a critical and strategic thinker with the ability to pull together the right members of our team to get things done and progressively create a process for seamless delivery. Lastly, this role must ensure the SERVE2PERFORM brand is delivered through every project and service delivered and must work deliberately with their direct report, account executive, and the branding team to achieve this.

Communications & Media Production Associate

The Communications & Media Production Associate is a vital factor in building and maintaining our brand’s success. This role requires a servant-hearted, strategic leader that takes ownership in the S2P brand and is constantly seeking new and improved ways to accomplish excellence. This role implements our team's strategic marketing plans (including: social media, email marketing, business ads, web development, web management, creative account management) and branding (including: graphic design, one-pagers, PowerPoints, brand identity suite implementation.) In addition to this, we are seeking applicants with videography experience. This skillset includes: video filming, editing, podcast production, and assistance in directing. To succeed in this role, he/her must stay in constant communication with every department and team within the business to ensure a collaborative and sustainable culture that drives business development and success.

Software Developer

Our Software Developers are a key factor to the success of our platform. This role requires a mid-level developer with experience in Rails to upgrade and extend a legacy application with new features. To succeed in this role, he/she must stay in constant communication with our platform's Product Owner, Chief Executive Officer, and team within the business to ensure a collaborative and sustainable culture that drives success as a team.

This role's requirements include:

  • Experience in production Rails (and Ruby) environments
  • SASS/SCSS, ERB, and vanilla JavaScript experience (and by extension CSS/HTML)
  • Experience with git and Github in production environments
  • Previous use of PostgreSQL (or MySQL) and Redis
  • Understanding of common Ruby gems such as Sidekiq, Capistrano, RSpec
  • Previous setup and use of continuous integration tools
  • Strong understanding of the Rails asset pipeline


  • A test driven and documentation first approach is preferred
  • Experience with running Rails and related services in a VPS environment
  • Experience running Rails in cloud application platforms
  • Previous development on Rails 3, 4, and 5
  • A good eye for UI and design
  • Fair understanding of Docker and containerization of Rails apps
  • Previous experience extending and supporting legacy code
  • Clear object oriented code style

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