As both SERVE2PERFORM and LatinXNA continue to grow, one of the most common questions we run into as a firm is, what is the difference between SERVE2PERFORM and LatinXNA? Today we want to clear up any confusion, it is our goal to make the answer crystal clear in hopes that each reader walks away with a concise definition of both SERVE2PERFORM and LatinXNA. So let's hop to it.

Simply put, LatinXNA is a production of SERVE2PERFORM. Our S2P team fully produces LatinXNA and all of its programs. To understand this more fully, let’s go back to the beginning.

When our Founder and CEO, Dr. Adam Arroyos started our firm in 2012, he had two main objectives:

  1. He wanted to found a company based on his strategy of service. From his experience he had learned in order to be the most effective leader and fully drive performance, you must be a servant leader.
  2. He wanted to place himself in a position to engage, elevate, and empower the fellow members of his Latino Community. After working in Northwest Arkansas for a number of years he identified the lack of Latino Leaders in the workforce and felt a calling to help create a significant change.

As a result, SERVE2PERFORM was born out of Dr. Adam’s passion for service and the culture was created based on setting an example for inclusion, servant-leadership, and truly loving what you do. Simply put, SERVE2PERFORM is a human capital development firm that focuses on the betterment of our clients through our strategy of service. We define servant leadership as taking a step into the lives of our clients, building a personal relationship with them, and fully integrating ourselves as a part of their team. We look at their success as our success and their losses as our losses. Most importantly, as a servant leader we understand it is not our job to tell a client what problems they are facing, but instead to step into their world and discover it with them. We take this model into each of our programs; Diversity and Inclusion, Executive Coaching, Business Advisory, and Leadership Development. LatinXNA is just a piece of our puzzle.

As SERVE2PERFORM began to grow as a company, so did our team’s passion to engage, empower, and elevate his Latino Community. Thus, in 2019, Dr. Adam and the S2P team created LatinXNA. LatinXNA is our avenue to give back to the community. That is why we call it a production of SERVE2PERFORM. The purpose of LatinXNA is to grow the performance, service, influence, and leadership of Latino talent in Northwest Arkansas. Our mission as stated above is to engage, empower, and elevate Latino talent throughout our Northwest Arkansas region (and eventually the world!). We achieve our purpose and mission through our six programs:

  • MentorUP: LatinXNA Mentoring Program
  • LiftUP: LatinXNA Speaker Series
  • LeadUP: LatinXNA Board Placement Program
  • SourceUP: Sourcing Talent
  • SpeakUP: Advocacy
  • VentureUP: Entrepreneurship

We are so thankful to have a platform so heavily championed by amazing, passionate individuals in Northwest Arkansas. We have grown to now have 20 LatinXNA corporate partners and nearly 900 members eager to drive change in our region. Together, we will continue to make a difference.