At SERVE2PERFORM, our authenticity is achieved through our team. We are the people people. Every day, through our work and often even in our own personal lives, we are driven by our passion of cultivating talent through our values-based foundation. With this, comes passions in topics from inclusion to diversity in a workplace, or even stigmas that have surrounded cultures or a group of people. At SERVE2PERORM, we have strived to find a way to bring light to certain issues all while amplifying our S2P Community’s voices.

S2P will be venturing into the world of podcasting. We plan to share personal stories, discuss current events, and dive into the world of service. We are driven through a purpose to bridge a gap of understanding, discuss the hard topics, and share our team’s and network’s insight to provide an authentic ecosystem of diverse knowledge for our S2P Community.

Through this podcast we hope to highlight topics that are hard-hitting and truly discuss what we as a company have experienced and what we can do to help. We will also provide a spotlight to unheard voices; to allow them to discuss topics they are passionate about. This podcast will be a production of S2P but will also be a platform that we as a company plan to use to provide more insight into who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

We are very excited to take action on this long-awaited, exciting venture of ours! We want to educate and enlighten our audience on not only growth and performance in the workplace, but pressing issues in the world today.

Our first podcast will launch October 12th, 2020 at 2 pm Central Time via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and will be aired via our YouTube Channel as well.

If there are any topics of interest you would like for us to highlight or people you want to hear from within our company, please send in your episode recommendations to

Listen to our podcast on the following platforms:
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