Happy Women's History Month!

It is an honor to celebrate trailblazers who have fought and continue to fight for equality and lead the way in empowerment for all. For a female leader, knowledge of women’s strengths and accomplishments can expand the sense of what is possible. Throughout March, SERVE2PERFORM is challenging our employees and we invite you all to join us in growing our awareness and education to take steps to bridge the gender gap.

We learned from the 2020 Census that it would take women roughly 42 extra days of work to equal what men earned. And in 2021, statistics show that women earned 82 cents for every dollar earned by men. The statistics represent an even wider gap for Latinas in the workplace. Reports indicate that Latinas earn merely 57 cents for every dollar earned by white non-hispanic men. Not only that but as they age their pay gap only widens. The Hispanic Star Hub reports that there is a 13% gap from ages 16-24, a 35% gap from ages 25-54, and a 43% gap from ages 55+. Our final finding is that for every 100 men promoted to a manager position only 86 overall women are promoted. Being aware is only the first step. To elevate women in the workplace, we encourage you to make diversity a priority, treat inclusion as an action, and invest in future female leadership.

At SERVE2PERFORM we are privileged to include and celebrate several astounding women who serve as team members, volunteers, mentors, advisors, advocates, and supporters. We are proud of our culture of equality which has led to more opportunities for growth and advancement for our people and our company. We believe closing the gender pay gap is not a suggestion but a necessary correction that needs to be made.

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