Let’s talk pain points. Over the years, our S2P Coaching Team has identified some common pain points that firms are facing in our region.

What is a pain point? S2P sees this as an area where a business is struggling to experience growth. These pain points are often challenging and exhausting, they can feel like an unsolvable puzzle. Here are the most common pain points we have found:

  • Recruiting Diverse Talent
  • Creating a Consistent Interviewing and Selection Process
  • Developing Managers
  • Converting Strategic Planning into Execution
  • Lack of Professional Development Continuity for Leaders
  • Taking Written Culture “Off the Walls” and Making it a Reality

Do any of these pain points resonate with you?

Maybe this is a new struggle you have noticed your organization is facing, or maybe it is an ongoing issue you have been struggling to resolve for years. Either way, S2P can help. Our S2P Certified Coaches have firsthand experience when it comes to witnessing the burnout these pain points can bring. We know how to take each of these puzzles and effectively put them together for the unique result your firm needs. Our S2P team intentionally cares about the growth of your people and your firm as a whole. We see your struggles as our struggles. Through forming intentional relationships, facilitating our Discovery Process, and embedding ourselves into your culture, our coaches not only identify the source of your pain point, but help create an ongoing strategy to make sure it does not resurface.

We are the people people. This is what we love to do.