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Yenni Garcia

Yenni Garcia serves as an Executive Coach for SERVE2PERFORM. Yenni is a highly dedicated and results-oriented bilingual certified executive & career coach, learning and development manager. Yenni has a diverse record of experience in educational program design and management, human resources management, business analysis, foundational programs management, customer service, marketing and sales, operations management, and market research analysis.

Yenni brings numerous years of experience in business development as well as business management through companies like Wal-Mart and currently, Plymouth. Yenni's constant ‘people first’ mentality helps her as an executive coach not only reach her clients on a different level, but also helps her clients understand and value the importance of coaching in real-time.

Yenni has served as an Executive Coach for SERVE2PERFORM since August of 2020.

Yenni is constantly seeking different ways to help advance our thinking here at SERVE2PERFORM. Yenni’s eager attitude and constant commitment to serving is exactly what S2P stands for. She is an asset in many ways for our staff.

Delaney Osbourn, Communications and Media Associate


Non-Positional Influence

This program is designed to teach participants the difference between positional influence and non-positional influence. Participants will learn how to acquire non-positional influence and why it’s the most effective and long-lasting form of influence.

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Mapping your Network

During this network development course, participants will be guided through an exercise to map out their professional network and learn how to effectively leverage social capital.

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Interview and Selection

During this career development course, participants will practice interviewing skills needed to successfully advance or transition in the professional world.

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Leadership Presence

This program includes a training and a process designed to help emerging and tenured leaders acquire and develop essential leadership attributes. Participants will receive a methodology and a set of strategies to sustain their continuous growth and development.

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Developing a Resilient Mindset

Leaders will discuss the key elements needed to develop a resilient mindset during this 45-minute virtual course.

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On Demand Coaching

1 HR | $60

This on demand coaching course is designed for individuals to be able to have customized 60 minute coaching sessions with our S2P Certified Coaches.

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