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Travis McNeal

Travis McNeal serves as an Associate with SERVE2PERFORM. Travis previously worked as a Director of Change Management and Communications in the Supply Chain Transformation sector of Wal-Mart Corporate. Travis has an extensive history and career in Business Development as well as Change Management. He also specializes in Organizational Effectiveness, Organizational Design, and Human Resources. Travis enjoys working with executives and leaders to design change and talent management strategies, which engage, enable, and empower the people in whatever organization he is working with.

Travis has served as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Arkansas since October of 2014. He uses the knowledge he gains in his working field to take back and teach to his students. Travis’s knowledge and overall experience in his career help him be a huge asset to SERVE2PERFORM. His forward-thinking and client management process expertise has been a great asset to S2P and our growth.

Travis is such a collaborative worker. He brings everyone around him together to see if there is a common ground that they can find in their separate work to see if there is a way to bridge a gap from one team member to another. He genuinely brings everyone on his team together.

Leo McKnight, Senior Associate