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Timothy Grosse

Timothy Grosse serves as Director of Operations for Serve2Perform. Timothy leads all operations for our LatinXNA Production and vendor management while also centered in our Client Delivery Practice. Through this, he leads our S2P+ Membership for ERG Leaders, our MentorUP Mentorship Program, and all development for our iServe2Perform platform including UX and UI design as well as sourcing and managing our IT development team. He also works in our virtual services realm as a production manager. Timothy’s detail-oriented and analytical nature has enabled him to excel heavily within this space.

Timothy is currently working towards his Bachelor’s in Business Management with an emphasis in Entreprenuership and is eager to continue his career with Serve2Perform. Tim is a strong servant leader with a passion for helping people and that shows through every project he completes.

Tim’s analytical nature has amazed us in his role as Director of Operations. His ability to problem-solve and effectively manage has enabled immense growth for us.

David Collins, Partner

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Written By: Timothy Grosse, Product Owner

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