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Stephanie Collins

Stephanie Collins serves as the Project Coordinator with SERVE2PERFORM. Stephanie works closely with our S2P and LatinXNA operations team to assist in organizing events through her stage production experience. Stephanie provides an insight into production management that our company has never had before, and she takes ownership in ensuring the S2P brand is communicated through each production and event we put on.

Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Arkansas and has worked at several stage production agencies such as the Arkansas Public Theatre, Portland Stage, and TheatreSquared. Stephanie’s insight and experience in production has been invaluable to us and we are so thankful to have her!

I want to express my deep appreciation for Stephanie Collins. Stephanie is a true expert on production in live events and virtual experiences. Her attention to detail, her ability to effectively communicate, and her perseverance have really helped our team chart through some unknown waters and implement consistent processes. Stephanie is incredibly patient and supportive, and she exhibits the servant leader qualities you want to see in young professionals!

Mallory Magie, Director of Operations

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