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Michelle Knight

Michelle Knight serves as a Senior Associate for SERVE2PERFORM. Michelle brings 9 years of active duty and 11 years of Reserves experience from the U.S. Army to the table. During her time with the Army, she won numerous leadership awards, including being named Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year for the entire U.S. Army European Command. After her time with the U.S. Army, Michelle gained over 20 years of experience in HR, People Development and Talent Management, and served as Vice President of Talent Management for the International Division at Walmart.

Michelle earned a bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Hawaii and during that time was selected as a State of Hawaii Legislative Intern at the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington D.C. She went on to earn a masters of science degree in management with an HR emphasis at the University of Central Texas. Michelle has been a Board Member for the Northwest Arkansas Community College Foundation as well as for Northwest Arkansas Dress for Success. Michelle currently works with a variety of companies as a consultant in her own business, KnightVisionDesigns.

There probably aren't enough words to express how wonderful Michelle Knight is as a leader and a colleague but a few that come to mind are: proactive, insightful, solutions-oriented, inclusive, and trustworthy. Michelle is truly a "salt-of-the-earth" kind of individual. When working with her, she actively listens with empathy, she provides valuable feedback, and she exemplifies what it means to be a servant leader. On top of that, Michelle does it all with grace and a friendly spirit.

Mallory Magie, Director of Operations


Non-Positional Influence

Participants will learn how to acquire the most effective and long-lasting form of influence. They will earn the ability to influence those around them utilizing their earned currency that comes from social relationships to open new doors to thought, capacity, and growth. Non-Positional Influence is not in your title, it’s in you.

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Engaging Service to Learn and Lead

Learn how to engage service to learn and lead through high-performance.

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Mapping your Network

During this network development course, participants will be guided through an exercise to map out their professional network and learn how to effectively leverage social capital.

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Practicing Authentic Servant Leadership

This program is designed to teach participants the importance of being a leader who serves. Participants will learn the most prominent characteristics of authentic servant leadership with practical examples applicable when interacting with others.

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Developing Social Capital & Influence

During this leadership development course, participants will learn how to build social capital and strategically influence.

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Developing a Resilient Mindset

Leaders will discuss the key elements needed to develop a resilient mindset during this 45-minute virtual course.

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Executive Coaching

This service is designed to help the participant achieve their full potential. This includes guidance on building and attaining personal and professional goals to honing skills for strengthening areas of development. Coaching services are uniquely customized for each participant, utilizing a 360-degree feedback tool for gathering insights and perspectives from select colleagues and leaders.

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