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Megan Arroyos

Megan Arroyos serves as the Managing Director of Brand and Culture for SERVE2PERFORM. Megan is lead for all strategic branding and marketing ventures including brand management, web development and implementation, market research and planning. She has worked within the company for the past 6 years while also earning her Bachelor’s in Human Environmental Science at the University of Arkansas. Megan’s passion for service and high performance quickly took over in her role as Director and she enjoys working within this creative space.

In addition to her career at SERVE2PERFORM, she owns a pure play boutique based in Fayetteville, Arkansas called the Ville Boutique. Her brand generated from wanting to create an affordable and comfortable clothing line for her community in response to the major price gap in clothing and accessories

Megan not only has a high drive for what she does but her attitude is infectious. Megan is easy to work for and with. Megan is constantly pulling the best out of the team and that is exactly what the SERVE2PERFORM brand is, elevating the people around you so they know what they can do. Megan does that extremely well.

Delaney Osbourn, Communications and Media Associate

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