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Marsha David

Marsha David serves as a Senior Associate for SERVE2PERFORM. With over fifteen years of experience in Sales, Operations and Program Management, and Business Sustainability, Marsha has experience from multiple industries to offer. Marsha claims that she took her love of puzzles, challenges, and making order out of chaos from her childhood and has made that her way of life as an adult. She not only enjoys helping companies gain the needed structure for them to be successful, but she loves empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves.

One of Marsha’s biggest passions is helping organizations where they are, figuring out where they want to go, and helping them achieve that goal in a maintainable nature. Marsha believes that success is not just numbers and processes, but success must also be measured by the human touch for business sustainability.

Marsha quickly picked up on our SERVE2PERFORM culture and fit right in with her high energy, collaborative personality! Her genuine nature and extensive experience enables her great success as an S2P coach!

Megan Arroyos, Director of Brand and Culture


Inclusion and Engagement Discovery

60 day period
Schedule 1 HR Kickoff Session | $5,000

S2P's inclusion and engagement portfolio includes a 60 day period to conduct 1:1 interviews with c-suite executives and senior leaders, host discovery roundtable sessions, analyze the data, generate the insights, and create a roadmap to share with executive advisors and sponsors to include the applicable deliverables. Some examples are the following: business case training, strategic plan development, unconscious bias coaching circles, employee/business resource group leader training and coaching, and training on performance capacity plans that connect diversity and inclusion with business goals.

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Practicing Authentic Servant Leadership

45 Min | $500
$500: Virtually: for up to 500 participants, In-person: TBD

During this leadership development course, participants will gain an understanding of a true servant leader and how to practice servant leadership authentically.

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Developing Social Capital & Influence

45 min. | $500
$500: Virtually: for up to 500 participants, In-person: TBD

During this leadership development course, participants will learn how to build social capital and strategically influence.

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Leadership Presence

1 HR | $500

This program includes a training and a process designed to help emerging and tenured leaders acquire and develop essential leadership attributes. Participants will receive a methodology and a set of strategies to sustain their continuous growth and development.

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How to Manage Change

1 HR | $500
$500: Virtually: up to 500 participants, In-person: TBD

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On Demand Coaching

1 HR | $60
This on demand coaching course is designed for individuals to be able to have customized 60 minute coaching sessions with our S2P Certified Coaches.

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