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Mallory Magie

Mallory Magie serves as our Executive Director of LatinXNA for SERVE2PERFORM. She is responsible for
managing our on-going projects and client engagements as well as leading our event production planning and management. In addition, she leads our SERVE2PERFORM production, LatinXNA, our initiative to elevate, empower, and engage Latino Talent throughout every sector in Northwest Arkansas.

Mallory’s servant-heart and passion for helping people enable a unique thought leadership that is invaluable to our team. Mallory earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree from the University of Arkansas in Social Work. She has several years of experience in the social work track working with companies like Ozark Guidance and the Piney Ridge Center. Her experience in numerous industries including family services, transportation, non-profits, and small businesses have enabled her to be a well-rounded member of our team

Mallory radiates positivity and excitement in every area of our business! She’s one of the hardest workers I’ve seen come through the doors of S2P with a true passion for people. It is a pleasure to work alongside such an engaging and servant-hearted thought leader.

Megan Arroyos, Director of Brand and Culture


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