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Leo McKnight

Leo McKnight serves as a Managing Director for SERVE2PERFORM. Leo offers over 15 years of experience in executive-level human resources, training and development, and organizational development. Throughout his career, he has shaped organizational culture, designed training curriculums, executed organization talent reviews and succession planning processes, as well as facilitated leadership development courses for managers and executives. Leo is passionate about human resources and the execution of effective people processes that drive measurable business results.

Leo is also passionate about sports. Leo is constantly merging the gap between sports and executive coaching to show just how those two completely different worlds go hand in hand through the need for constant training and development. Leo strives to help everyone feel comfortable and related to in any conversation he may be having.

Leo is a rockstar S2P Certified Coach! His high energy and passionate nature adds an engaging level of excitement to our team and we are so grateful to have his invaluable thought leadership.

Samantha Arroyos, Partner


Social Capital

This program is designed to teach the concept of social capital in relation to human capital. Human capital is what you know and social capital is what you are allowed to do with what you know. Participants will learn how to acquire it, grow it, sustain it, and leverage it as the currency of influence.

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Non-Positional Influence

This program is designed to teach participants the difference between positional influence and non-positional influence. Participants will learn how to acquire non-positional influence and why it’s the most effective and long-lasting form of influence.

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Transformation Adoption Mentor Certification

In this training and certification program, the Transformation Adoption Mentors (TAMs) participate in in-person or virtual pre-work, training, post-work, continual development, on-going coaching, and assessment review to develop in Non-Positional Influence, Self Awareness, and Mentoring skills to support and contribute to the Transformation Adoption process within your organization.

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S.E.A.L.© Mentor Certification

Service Empowered Advanced Leadership Mentor Certification

SERVE2PERFORM's Mentor Certification program provides leaders with training, a methodology, a structure, and tools designed for the mentee to gain valuable knowledge and for the mentor to gain valuable experience. All serve2perform Certified Mentors complete an annual recertification program to gain new mentoring techniques, trends, best practices, resources and tools.

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This program is designed to equip participants with the capacity to effectively negotiate using SERVE2PERFORM's 4 P's of Persuasion model: Position, Prepare, Prime and Persuade.

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Inclusion and Engagement Discovery

S2P's inclusion and engagement portfolio includes a 60 day period to conduct 1:1 interviews with c-suite executives and senior leaders, host discovery roundtable sessions, analyze the data, generate the insights, and create a roadmap to share with executive advisors and sponsors to include the applicable deliverables. Some examples are the following: business case training, strategic plan development, unconscious bias coaching circles, employee/business resource group leader training and coaching, and training on performance capacity plans that connect diversity and inclusion with business goals.

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Leading Teams to Achieve Results

Through this course, participants will learn the keys to effectively leading their teams to achieve outstanding business results consistently and over time.

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Inclusion and Engagement Coaching

Includes pre-work. Participants will be asked to complete 3 surveys on Age, Gender, and Race using a widely distributed Harvard tool that is the industry standard for assessing unconscious bias. Designed for a one individual, this session led by a SERVE2PERFORM certified executive coach, will help guide you as you explore your individual unconscious bias and create an action plan that will include at least one thing you will do differently and at least one think you will do to foster inclusion.

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Interview and Selection

During this career development course, participants will practice interviewing skills needed to successfully advance or transition in the professional world.

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Leveraging Mentors for Career Development

Through this session, participants will learn how to enlist mentors to help them guide their career choices and be prepared for future roles.

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ERG Leader Onboarding and Coaching

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ERG Sponsor Onboarding & Coaching

90 minutes | $500

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On Demand Coaching

1 HR | $60

This on demand coaching course is designed for individuals to be able to have customized 60 minute coaching sessions with our S2P Certified Coaches.

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