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Ed Parrish

Ed Parrish serves as a Director for SERVE2PERFORM. Ed’s Division I college football experience brings a unique perspective to the SERVE2PERFORM team by almost emulating the executive world as a playing field. Ed carries over thirty years of Human Resources experience with him to walk through Business Development with our current clients. He not only enjoys working with Fortune-500 companies to help them develop a better work environment, but he also enjoys working with Nonprofits to help them maximize their profitability in order for them to be able to give back in an even bigger way.

Ed’s witty personality and candor make any learning situation fun and engaging. His ability to bring in his first-hand experiences from his many Director positions enables him to be a great coach and facilitator for our team. Ed resides in Northwest Arkansas and enjoys spending time with family and volunteering his time to many different causes to make Northwest Arkansas a better place.

Ed is genuinely one of the nicest and inviting people I have ever met. His ability to speak to over thirty years of corporate experience is amazing and also helps him connect with individuals in a different way. I haven’t been able to step into the community in the last six months and have not seen Ed volunteering his time and efforts to whatever organization needs his insight.

Megan Arroyos, Managing Director


Inclusion and Engagement Discovery

S2P's inclusion and engagement portfolio includes a 60 day period to conduct 1:1 interviews with c-suite executives and senior leaders, host discovery roundtable sessions, analyze the data, generate the insights, and create a roadmap to share with executive advisors and sponsors to include the applicable deliverables. Some examples are the following: business case training, strategic plan development, unconscious bias coaching circles, employee/business resource group leader training and coaching, and training on performance capacity plans that connect diversity and inclusion with business goals.

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Unconscious Bias Immersion Program

This program is designed to provide participants with a 360 degree view of their own Unconscious Biases as well as how to support an inclusive culture for their team and organization. Participants will receive individual or group coaching sessions, a group or team-based roundtable session, and ultimately walk away with an individual customized action plan based on their discovery.

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Inclusion and Engagement Coaching

Includes pre-work. Participants will be asked to complete 3 surveys on Age, Gender, and Race using a widely distributed Harvard tool that is the industry standard for assessing unconscious bias. Designed for a one individual, this session led by a SERVE2PERFORM certified executive coach, will help guide you as you explore your individual unconscious bias and create an action plan that will include at least one thing you will do differently and at least one think you will do to foster inclusion.

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Practicing Authentic Servant Leadership

This program is designed to teach participants the importance of being a leader who serves. Participants will learn the most prominent characteristics of authentic servant leadership with practical examples applicable when interacting with others.

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Developing Social Capital & Influence

During this leadership development course, participants will learn how to build social capital and strategically influence.

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Executive Presence

This program is designed to help participants develop the personality and character traits that make a dynamic executive. Participants will engage in learning experiences that show how being consistent in demonstrating confidence and clear leadership in their roles will help propel their career.

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Executive Coaching

This service is designed to help the participant achieve their full potential. This includes guidance on building and attaining personal and professional goals to honing skills for strengthening areas of development. Coaching services are uniquely customized for each participant, utilizing a 360-degree feedback tool for gathering insights and perspectives from select colleagues and leaders.

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On Demand Coaching

1 HR | $60

This on demand coaching course is designed for individuals to be able to have customized 60 minute coaching sessions with our S2P Certified Coaches.

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